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Alexa Carlin: Your Perception is Your Reality

I (Ales Zivkovic) talked to Alexa Carlin for my last podcast interview to learn about her way of turning everything that life brought her into something she could learn and grow from as a person.

Alexa Carlin is not only an entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. She’s way more than that. She shines off authenticity. If you ever have the chance, pleasure and honour of meeting her, you can find she actually lives by what she represents. She an inspirational human being and that is something she not only conveys with her actions and words, but with her being and presence.

Growing up in South Florida, Alexa had low self-esteem, didn’t feel like herself in front of others and was not socially comfortable. She also underwent both in-person, as well as cyber bullying. After she was elected Student Body President of her high school—which was also one of her inspirations at that time—things seemed to change for her.

Because of her history, Alexa soon became conscious of societal perception of beauty and success and what that can do to young women. She decided to not only resist, but transcend these false ideals.

In this podcast episode, Alexa talks about how she managed to see the delusion associated with the perception of perfection and what she’s done to help others do the same.

Alexa Carlin
Alexa Carlin

We talk about her experience of life turning downhill and what one can learn and how one can grow from that. Alexa Carlin not only had to cope with her own turmoil, but also with her sister’s severe depression.

Alexa’s autoimmune illness and the close encounter with her own near death experience had a profound impact on her personal growth. She was given 1% chance to survive as she entered deep coma induced due to septic shock, but she managed to pull through—and the way she did it outdoes the mere will to survive.

Throughout the podcast episode I was fascinated by how similar Alexa’s views and values are to mine. The latter are also captured in my latest book—Life Blocks: Psychology in Entrepreneurship and Career.

If there were such a thing as intuition-bread and life-cultivated existential philosopher, Alexa would could surely be regarded as one.

Listen to the podcast episode below to find out more.

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Acknowledgement: We would like to thank Innovation Warehouse for welcoming us to shoot this podcast episode in their offices.

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