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How Do You Find Your Focus in Life?


Make effort to remind yourself of where you want to go

My dog just won’t take her paw off my face in the morning. Not until I take her out properly. She’s just one of those tomboys that cannot do without running herself out. One of those dogs that will get the whole park to play with her and then want to chase deer on top and have a swim in the lake just to cool down for another round.

It was the same old thing just the other day. Trying to get some energy out of me to keep going I started wondering. “Is it really a good idea to spend more than an hour every morning running and doing everything that comes with it? I could use this time to get back on track with all the work that needs doing.”

So, how can a moment like this have anything to do with focusing on where you want to go in life?

It’s in the everyday.

Every day we bury ourselves into routines. We wake up in the morning, do our emails, do our meetings and do whatever we think needs to be done to get us to the next day. We tend to think that what we are doing tends to get us closer to where we want to end up in life.

The less we see things outside our immediate routine, the less we see the big picture, the more lost we get.

As that happens we think we are following the life path that we set ourselves, but we don’t test that, we don’t doubt and challenge it. It becomes a subconscious programmed assumption, so we just stick to it — no questions asked. “It must be good long-term if it’s what needs to be done today.”

As we tick off daily tasks we feel good about ourselves and go to bed with a sense of accomplishment. We tend not to doubt in the added value of what we have done — the added value for ourselves; our lives.

Our minds get clogged up with daily routine. We overload our brain with logical functions and useless tracking of what is pending and what was done. But our brain can only take so much. And as we overload it with meaningless and aimless stuff, it loses capacity for overall perception. Focus and creativity are impaired.

We start losing discernment of what in fact is important. The big picture becomes narrower and narrower as we go along. From day to day our blind spot of where we want to go gets bigger. It’s like digging a hole and seeing less and less of what is outside. And that continues until we end up doing something that makes no sense at all and we don’t even realise it.

Our worlds become small automated environments and we lose sight of who we are, what we want and how we really want to live.

At times like this you either need something or someone to clear the fog in your mind. You need to empty the mental and emotional space for it to be filled with creativity and purpose. You need to reboot. This recalibration can come in many forms. But we don’t have to wait for big things to set us straight. We don’t have to wait for things to happen. We can as well make them happen.

It can be as little as taking a run with your dog and freeing your mind from everyday routine. Dogs live in the moment and that’s what they are willing to teach us. But we need to let them.

Take a moment for yourself, free from everyday distractions, and just ask yourself where you want to go. It can be as simple or as hard as that. You are the one who decides.

As far as my focus goes, my dog never failed to remind me of where I want to take my life.

That’s why I don’t lead my dog, she leads me.

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