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Jonas Ellison on Writing and Growing

I (Ales Zivkovic) talked to Jonas Ellison for this podcast interview about personal growth. Jonas is the author of Higher Thoughts, a daily blog about whimsical, spiritual, creative matters that has garnered an audience of 35,000 people. He has contributed to a number of large publications such as The Huffington Post, The New York Observer, No Sidebar, The Gift of Writing and The Daily Dot.

He sometimes hosts workshops and one-on-one coaching to inspire creative courage, practical spirituality, and impactful communication. When he’s not doing any of the above, Jonas is hanging out with his wife and daughter at their small home in the eastern shadows of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

I talked to Jonas Ellison about his life journey that was anything but easy. Growing up, he had to face impact of his father losing his business and his mother being diagnosed with breast cancer. All this happening before he reached the age of 11.

Jonas Ellison spent four years standing by his mother and learning about life before she passed away. During this period his father was not working and the family lost their house. As they lived with his relatives, Jonas encountered heroin addiction and watched it destroy lives of the loved ones around him.

During all this turmoil in his younger years, Jonas barely graduated high school and got immediately into golf business where he managed a shop and gave lessons. After meeting his current wife and dating long-distance for two years, Jonas moved to Chicago and started trading Forex. As the market crashed in 2008, Jonas lost everything and had to stand in line behind Harvard grads at Wal Mart, applying for jobs.

After having his first daughter and discovering the love for writing, the two combined and, together with his strive for personal growth, resulted in a blog that attracted a massive audience.

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Acknowledgement: We would like to thank Innovation Warehouse for welcoming us to shoot this episode of The Life Cafe Sound in their offices.

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