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Joshua Davidson on Psychological Pressures Entrepreneurs Go Through

I (Ales Zivkovic) and Nare Vardanyan talked to Joshua Davidson, an entrepreneur, speaker and startup advisor from US. We discussed the psychological pressures founders go through when building companies and running their business.

We heard his personal story of how he handles stress, why he chose psychotherapy and what his advice to other entrepreneurs is on that.

Joshua has been personally featured in major publications such as MSNBC, NBC, Fox, Technically, AOL, Mashable, EliteDaily, Huffington Post, CBS and the Examiner and now he joined us in a podcast interview for The Life Café Sound.

In the interview, Joshua explains how today people are not building companies anymore but things that make money. “People spend silly money” he says.

We also discuss whether entrepreneurship really is riskier than a regular job or whether that is just an illusion of it all.

Also, you will hear about how entrepreneurship has been sexyfied. How it’s cool today, whereas it was not years ago. And who, to his opinion, influenced that.

We also discussed his recent blog post on mental health in entrepreneurship. How to handle mental pressure and stress of of it all and how being an entrepreneur you are actually alone in it.

Joshua tells us why he chose to go into psychotherapy and what he thinks about it. He also explains what the common thread to all successful entrepreneurs he has worked with is.

We also find out why he is sending emails to himself and how to set goals.

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Acknowledgement: We would like to thank Innovation Warehouse for welcoming us to shoot this episode of The Life Cafe Sound in their offices.

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