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Psychotherapy or Mindfulness?


I talked to two interesting people doing a podcast last week. Both were in psychotherapy. None of them seem to need it. They took it on. Now they find it useful and life-enhancing.

I talked to another friend of mine later on. He is into mindfulness and meditation. He’s done it for some time now. Talking to him, hearing him, looking at him – he could well use some therapy. But it’s not cool, apparently. Maybe he is just scared of finding out. Whatever there is to find out.

Also, he’s an entrepreneur. And you are not a proper entrepreneur today if you are not mindful. But mainstream mindful is not Nyanaponika-mindful. It’s instant commercial audio-book mindful. By the way, Marcus Aurelius Meditations has nothing to do with meditation or mindfulness. And there’s nothing wrong with that. As long as you know it.

Why is mindfulness cool and psychotherapy scary? Isn’t it hard to be mindful when you have a storm of thoughts bombarding your brain? How can people be mindful when they are not in touch with themselves and their feelings? And I don’t mean anxiety here, no. I guess I am still to find a mindful ice-cold rock. Or a mindful robot.

Maybe, with therapy, it’s the perception of falling so low that you need to find someone to set you straight, because you can’t do it. Which is nonsense, because as a client you will always cure yourself in the therapy room – therapist will only help you find the way.

And yes, it is hard and you don’t really float in higher states of consciousness. Often quite the opposite – you get hit by reality. Sometimes you even grow up. Not bad, ha?

Or maybe, with therapy, it’s the perception that you need to be “mentally ill” to take it on and being that is not cool. Because what else are you but perfect.

When you are mindful, you lift yourself into higher state of consciousness; move beyond your thoughts; put yourself outside your head – or however you may call it, right? But, how can you be in a higher state of consciousness when you are suppressing your feelings into subconscious? No, intelligence has nothing to do with mindfulness.

Maybe, instead of escaping from your mind, it would be better to drop those barriers and meet your true self.

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