Suzanne Noble

Suzanne Noble: Founders, Don’t Pitch Too Much

In this interview I (Ales Zivkovic) sit down with Suzanne Noble for The Life Cafe Sound podcast

Suzanne is a co-founder of Frugl, a London events app. She is also a PR guru and a familiar face around the London startup scene.

Moving to London from New York years ago never seemed to affect her accent. Nor did the dry and cold world of startups manage to cool her down.

We talk about the struggles founders are likely to encounter when entering the startup world – in London and in general. We discuss some of the delusions and misperceptions about this industry when looking at it from the outside and how to best set your mind when entering it.

Suzanne invited me to her cosy place in South Hampstead to do the interview. And it was the right place to do it in – filled with life and creativity.



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