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Life Outside the Comfort Zone


I am afraid of the fact that I have no clue what my life is going to look like in a year. And I am terrified of what it is going to feel like. Will I make it taking the proper way, the difficult way, the more interesting, creative and fulfilling way? What will it mean if I don’t? For me, for others. Why do I risk it? Should I take the easy way? It seems like everybody does. Why should I be any different? It might be better in the long run. Although deep in me I really know I’d just go numb and die inside.


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How Do You Find Your Focus in Life?


Make effort to remind yourself of where you want to go

My dog just won’t take her paw off my face in the morning. Not until I take her out properly. She’s just one of those tomboys that cannot do without running herself out. One of those dogs that will get the whole park to play with her and then want to chase deer on top and have a swim in the lake just to cool down for another round.


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