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The Mental Entrepreneur and Herd Instinct


Some of it is organic, but a lot is just industry propaganda

I was seating with my psychotherapy client the other day. He’s an entrepreneur that recently raised his third round. Came to see me after suffering a series of panic attacks and severe anxiety. It actually happened right after he closed the last round. You’d probably think he’d relax once done.


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Psychotherapy or Mindfulness?


I talked to two interesting people doing a podcast last week. Both were in psychotherapy. None of them seem to need it. They took it on. Now they find it useful and life-enhancing.

I talked to another friend of mine later on. He is into mindfulness and meditation. He’s done it for some time now. Talking to him, hearing him, looking at him – he could well use some therapy. But it’s not cool, apparently. Maybe he is just scared of finding out. Whatever there is to find out.


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