Troy Norcross

Troy Norcross: That which we give energy to will have persistence in our lives

My co-host, Nare Vardanyan, and I (Ales Zivkovic) sit down for The Life Cafe Sound podcast interview with Troy Norcross

Troy is currently a startup advisor at the Innovation Warehouse in London as well as running his own strategy consultancy – SER Team. Originally from US, where he was born on 4,000 acres of farmland, his life brought him to London, UK. We sit down with him for an interesting conversation of how he travelled this path also on the inside.

From his first job writing flight simulators; to working in a very early data centre in the Midwest; to arriving in California 1 month before the bubble burst, Troy managed to learn from what life brought to him and managed to grow with it.

In this podcast episode, Nare and I (Ales Zivkovic) talk to Troy about how he follows green lights in life.

We discuss safety of conventional employment and the false perception of security around it and how personal development in corporate world is different from the world of an entrepreneur.

We discuss respect and awareness for others around us and about giving advice to people who don’t want or need your advice after all.

We talk about Troy’s hyperawareness – for himself and others around him – and what the right amount of awareness is.

All of us immigrants in UK, we obviously could not avoid touching the topic of masks in the British culture.

Troy also explains his view of the cognitive load and ZFG.

He talks about importance of bringing children up so that we teach them of awareness of others and also how he managed to surpass his childhood dreams.

We also hear Troy’s view of career planning and why such plans are a thing of the past.


Ales & Nare

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Acknowledgement: We would like to thank Innovation Warehouse for welcoming us to shoot this episode of The Life Cafe Sound podcast in their offices.

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