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The red light means stopping and hustling has nothing to do with it

I was doing a podcast interview a few days ago with Troy Norcross, an interesting friend of mine. Of course he is interesting. I wouldn’t have interviewed him otherwise. We discussed a lot, but what resonated was how he sees traffic lights.

The day after that I was going through recent blogs and I found James Altucher’s simple words of wisdom: The most important thing you can do is find someone good to spend your life with.”

When Troy was seeing a red lights, I was feeling ‘bad energy’ in my gut. Then, when Troy was not stopping at the red light, he got a bump on the head. When James was not following his advice, he knew he will either end up dead or he will end up in jail. As for me, I just got sick and thought why in the world I need to put up with this.

Red light, police siren or that gut feeling of bad energy – it all means and tells you the same thing. Why are you forcing yourself somewhere where you don’t really want to go? Yes, you think it might as well turn out OK, but you also know that it usually does not. It usually turns out sower.

You get that gut feeling that you just shouldn’t go down that route. Don’t take that job. Don’t work for that client. Don’t accept that investor’s money. Don’t spend time with void people like that. don’t do what doesn’t deserve your focus.

But you still do. Because you are shortsighted. Because you want stuff rather than need it. Because you want stuff now rather than later. Because you think maybe it’s just going to turn out fine, when deep inside you know it’s not. Because you think you’ll be able to deal with it later if it doesn’t. You think that if you just make that extra effort – if you just hustle hard enough – that then it’s going to work. But it’s not. A day will come when you get that slap on your head.

And then, of course, it doesn’t turn out OK. It turns out all wrong. You hung out with the wrong crowd. You took on the wrong investors. You wanted that extra deal even though you don’t like to do that kind of work. You thought that this time it was going to be different. But it wasn’t. And then you think next time it might as well be.

So you end up with more worries on your back. You add another skeleton to your closet. You leave another ghost in your past. You let people in your life that have no place in it. You find yourself walking around dreading, heavy, worried, despaired.

Whatever you put your energy and effort into will define what you do in life and that will define the world around you. The world around you is not a given, it is a choice you take by choosing your actions and the people around you.

It’s hard to be consistent and it’s tempting to stray. I like to be aware and alert not to stray and even I am sometimes blinded.

Remember, nothing in life comes easy. If it does, it has a price. And paying it comes in many forms.

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